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Building a Strong Foundation Basketball Academy

A baby cannot run without first learning how to crawl and walk just as a student cannot solve formulas without first learning how to simply add two numbers. Likewise with child athletic development, we cannot expect our youth to dominate a sport without first gaining a strong foundation of the games’ principles and physical demands. At Miami Player Development, we emphasize the skills and knowledge necessary to enable every child to confidently play the game of basketball at the highest level and secure essential abilities for further advancement. Participation in the Academy will ensure each athlete improves their abilities in the following important areas of the game:

  • Lateral & Linear Movements     
  • Body & Ball Control                          
  • Footwork & Positioning
  • Balance & Coordination             
  • Triple Threat & Effective Pivoting            
  • Explosive First Step & Finishes
  • Mental Toughness & Space Ownership      
  • Vision & Reading the Floor
  • Aggressiveness & Confidence        

Along with these important areas of focus, we also teach team offensive and defensive concepts for successful team play.

Attend our Strong Foundation Academy today and position yourself for success through our exciting and challenging program curriculum designed by Miami Basketball Trainer Mike Gamez.

Miami Basketball Clinic and Academy

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