Miami Youth Basketball: Why We Love It!

Miami Youth Basketball

Miami Youth Basketball: What’s Not To Love?

Youth basketball is a beautiful game.  It comes at the stage in a young adult’s life where they are playing basketball because they truly enjoy the game.  They love the competition, the friends they make, and what they learn from the experiences of each game.  For spectators of youth basketball, these are the aspects that keep us watching.

Playing for the Love of the Game:

When young basketball players are involved with the sport, they are at an age where they are playing because they love the game.  Their passion and participation stems from the fun they have on the court and the joy that basketball brings to them.

Generally, as basketball players progress through their careers, they encounter exterior motivations for pursuing the game.  When they are an upper classman in high school, the motivation of earning a college scholarship might come into play.  If they are fortunate and diligent enough to make the collegiate level, the absolute BEST players might then be concerned with making the professional ranks and earning an income through their sport.  The best players in the world are the ones that still, despite these other motivations, have a deep desire to play the game because it is the sport they love.  Take into account the feelings Michael Jordan has for the game.

“The game of basketball has been everything to me. My place of refuge, place I’ve always gone where I needed comfort and peace. It’s been the site of intense pain and the most intense feelings of joy and satisfaction. It’s a relationship that has evolved over time, given me the greatest respect and love for the game.” – Michael Jordan

In youth basketball, young athletes are free of these ulterior motives that might enter their mindset as they further their basketball career.  It’s a pleasure to watch kids playing for the love of the game.

Ego-free Basketball:

Another aspect of youth basketball that makes it a beautiful game is that the participants are mostly ego-free.  They are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to play the game and do so with a sense of selflessness that benefits the team as a whole.  On the other hand, often we witness college or professional players exude a sort of cockiness or selfishness on the court that is rarely seen in youth basketball.  For example, they pound their chest with their fist after they make a good play.  Or, they can be seen showing off for the crowd.  These sorts of actions are attempts to draw attention to oneself which brings the attention and focus away from the team and becomes a selfish display.  Youth basketball is relatively free of these sort of distractions that take away from the team, and that’s why we love it.  They appreciate the efforts of their teammates as much as they do their own successes.

Youth Basketball Promotes Healthy Living:

We love youth basketball because it is a physical fitness activity.  It is a fun way to encourage kids to be active and healthy people through sports.  Basketball promotes healthy living and instills the meaning of all that is involved in living a healthy lifestyle.  Youth that are actively engaged in sports see better health benefits as they progress into their later years as adults.  They are less at risk to encounter health concerns such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular problems.  Knowing that by playing basketball kids are also exercising and becoming healthy humans is comforting to a fan of youth basketball.

Why We Love Miami Youth Basketball:

  1. They love playing the game
  2. No egos involved
  3. Health benefits

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