Miami: Develop Confidence In Your Basketball Shooting

Miami Basketball Shooting CoachConfidence is such a big part of the game of basketball, especially when talking about shooting. I have seen really good shooters become average or even poor shooters because they lost confidence in their shot. If you second guess yourself on a shot or are already thinking that you are going to miss before you shoot the shot you are most likely going to miss. If you are confident in your shot then the odds of you making the shot are going to go way up. This article is going to give you 3 tips about how to develop confidence in your shot as a basketball player.

Focus on Proper Basketball Shooting Form

If you are young Miami basketball player then this first tip is really important. The better shooting fundamentals that you develop as a young player the higher your ceiling will be as you get older. Older players can tweak their shot a little bit but for the most part they are locked into their shooting form, good or bad. Young players haven’t fully developed good or bad habits yet and it is a lot easier to change up their shot and learn how to shoot the right way. Whether it is watching and learning from a really good shooter, getting a personal shooting coach, etc. it is important that they learn the fundamentals of shooting.

Developing Basketball Muscle Memory

Once you have learned the proper shooting form it is time to build muscle memory. In a game when you catch the basketball and shoot it without thinking about it you are using your muscle memory. Your body just naturally does what you have practiced. That is why it is important to practice proper shooting on a regular basis. It is also important to practice shooting the same way that you shoot in a game. If you shoot at a certain speed in a game then practice shooting at that same speed.

Confidence Through Visualization

The first two tips were physical tips that you can use to become a better shooter but the last tip is going to be mental. You have already put in all the hours in the gym learning the fundamentals of shooting and practicing your shot. Doing those two things allows you to be confident in yourself. Every time you shoot the ball you should be thinking this is going in. Another area though that players don’t spend enough time on is positive visualization. Even when you aren’t playing basketball you should spend a little time everyday visualizing yourself making shots. Being able to picture yourself making shots in your head will translate into having confidence in your shot when you physically do shoot the basketball.


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