Miami Basketball Trainer Improves Shooting Form

Miami Basketball Trainer Improves ShootingThe best time to change your basketball shooting form is right now.

If a coach or teammate has told you about the need to change your form, or you’ve noticed the need yourself, here are some tips to help you develop a good fundamental shooting motion.

The last finger that should touch the ball when it leaves your shooting hand is your middle finger.  If you have a problem with side spin or inconsistent aim, it could be because you are using the wrong guide finger.  When you put your hand on a basketball to shoot, the only finger that will point straight ahead is your middle finger.  Your pointer and ring will point off to the side; therefore they are not to be trusted to guide you.  Your fingers play a huge part in directing your shot.  When you allow your middle finger to be your guide, you get the most consistent direction on your shooting.

When you’re done shooting, watch your hand to check your follow through. Have your basketball trainer watch it.   At the end of your shot, your arm should be straight and your hand should be bent over – your arm and hand should look like an umbrella or a candy cane.  If your hand is not bent with all four fingers facing down then you know you’re not getting a good release on your shot.  Practice getting explosive force out of your release.  If you shoot ten shots properly back to back with good follow through, you should feel a burn in your forearms.  The burn plus umbrella follow through lets you know you’re shooting efficiently.

Miami Basketball Trainer Mike Gamez is ready to improve your shooting form.  Are You Ready?

Gaining good shooting form takes work, but it is worth the effort.  Call us for your initial form shooting lesson today.

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