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Miami Basketball Trainer and Coach Mike Gamez


Coach Michael Gamez is a recent college graduate in finance from Florida State University.   Mike is on a mission to pursue and share success & happiness through his childhood passion of Basketball.   Mike is a veteran youth basketball coach at I9 sports and Tamiami Basketball, and credits this experience as a connect the dots moment in which Mike realized exactly what he wanted to do with the rest of his life:  foster successful lifestyles through the game of basketball.

Michael’s knowledge of the game comes from years of studying it. Growing up, if he wasn’t out playing at a local youth league or park, Michael was always involved with the game in some way. From volunteering at local sporting events or watching countless game footage, to coaching in the community, the game of basketball continues to be part of Michael’s life.

He currently works  with Synergy Sports Technology – the world’s premier, sports video-indexing statistical engine and online retrieval platform providing collaborative end-to-end scouting solutions used by sports teams around the world (including the NBA) – constantly watching video of the top players in the world to analyze and prepare scouting solutions.

Through Miami Player Development, Mike embraces the opportunity to build strong relationships with families of all walks and contribute to his hometown community.   Ultimately, he is aiming to build one of the premier basketball development programs in South Florida.   With God’s grace, Mike hopes to one day have his own facility where kids can attend to take care of daily after school studies and learn the game of basketball through many fun and competitive activities.

Along with coaching and training, Mike spends most of his time now reaching out to youth in the community supporting the importance of nurturing the most crucial asset in life: The Body. Prior injuries and setbacks sprung an enthusiastic energy to encourage health awareness, especially with today’s youth.  He spends much of his off-time learning new approaches to maintain the quality of his service while developing new programs to extend his basketball knowledge.

Mike is a former lifeguard and water safety instructor at Tamiami Pool where he worked during his later years of high school (Miami Coral Park c/o 2006) and beginning years of college (Miami Dade College c/o 2008) and currently resides in the Westchester area.

You can contact Michael at 305.970.7723 or via email at

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