Lace Up your Basketball SneakersBasketball is fast paced game played with a high level of energy. Many movements from sprinting to cutting are involved every second. With this fun and exciting sport also comes the risk of injury. Help prolong your basketball playing days by starting at the foundation of injury prevention; Lacing your shoes properly. We all know the risks’ of playing with loosely laced shoes; trip and fall, twisted ankles, etc. But what many of us forget to remember is to not “over lace” our shoes. When asked to tie their shoes, many kids will immediately grab at their laces and pull them up ass high as they can, then tie a semi-weak knot. This is a bad form of lacing shoes. When shoe laces are pulled too tightly, it can lead to more problematic injuries such as cutting the flow of blood circulation to the feet.

Here are a few key tips to lacing shoes properly:

  1. Start with your socks. Make sure they are pulled up high enough, leaving no loose wrinkles inside the sneaker. Next, fit your foot in and pull up the tongue of the shoe as high as possible.
  2. When lacing, begin at the bottom of the tongue and work your way up. Pull each line up to snugly fit your foot mold, remembering not to pull too tightly.
  3. Once you reach the top, simply do your traditional circle-loop-and pull to get a firm fit.
  4. With careful practice, players will notice the difference almost immediately. They will begin to play smoother and more at ease. Keep this simple activity part of your daily practices to help prevent future injuries for our youth.

Legendary Coach John Wooden taught his players a very similar routine.  Make this routine yours.

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