Defending A Basketball Player’s Strong Side

Defensive Basketball TrainingDefending a players Strong Side

Defense is all about stopping the offensive team from scoring the ball. This can be done in many ways (man-to-man, zone, pressing, double teaming, etc.). I believe the best way to stop a team from scoring is to recognize each players strengths and weaknesses and learning how to defend individual players from playing to their strong side. This can be done in a few simple, yet hard to acquire skills.

Off the ball Defense: Understanding how to deny the ball at the right time is a great way to start. If a man is a great shooter, it is extremely important that you give him/her no space. This can be done with a lot of anticipation and quickness. Players should be taught how to go around and through screens while being disciplined in close outs. Most great shooters are catch-and-shoot players. Therefore, being able to keep your hands up and high (without over committing) while closing out on them is key.  Our Miami basketball trainer can show you how to make this part of your every day game.

On the ball Defense: This should be simple for everyone to understand. Deny his/her strong hand. Although some great players may be ambidextrously good, most have either a left or right hand as a dominant strength in their attack. Learning how to keep them from making a move with their strong hand is essential in defending a player with the ball. It is always smart to remember not to reach. Reaching causes players (defender) to get unbalanced, which in turn allows a great offensive player to exploit that and take them off the dribble more effectively.

Help side Defense: Since most of defensive play is responding to an offensive move or pass, defenders must be able to help each other out. It is almost impossible for every defender to be on cue when defending the five offensive players, which is why help defense is important. A good thing to remember when playing help defense is to always stay between the ball and your man when you are on the help- side position. This will give you time to close back out if the pass is swung back across and still gives you a presence in the event of a hard penetration.  Another thing to remember is when your opponent is within one pass from the ball, you should be in denial position. When your opponent is within two or more passes from the ball, you should be in help-side position.

Defense is a react and attack game. Learning how to read your defenders’ strengths and defend against it is half the battle to playing defense. Use a variety of drills to help your team learn how to be effective all around defenders in order to develop future all-defensive team players.

We aim to teach Miami Youth Basketball players how to train for the game.  We show them the proper technique, explain the why, and work on it at game speed under game conditions so they can integrate into their game.  Defensive training can help your player make the team, get more playing time, and become the best player they can become.    Call us today to get your Miami Youth Basketball player into one of our training sessions.

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